Raúl Castro
“...a revitalizing experience”

Testimonials taken from 5-star Yelp reviews

Ergonomics Coordinator
Alameda, CA

I've been seeing Raul for about a year and I'm finally ready to let y'all in on the best-kept massage secret in the East Bay. I've had lots of massages, even physical therapy, and his Compression Therapy technique is the ONLY thing that got rid of the horrible knots in my neck & shoulders from too many tense hours at a desk.

He also does out-calls; he massaged me and my bridal party in our hotel as we got ready for my wedding and I was so relaxed walking down the aisle!

Mark M.
Oakland, CA

As a therapist that refers people often for massage and bodywork, I can say that Raul has a gift for healing. He creates a very safe space and tunes into each client to provide a massage that is wonderfully restorative and profoundly relaxing.

He combines a breadth of knowledge with an intuition and perceptiveness that can take massage beyond stress relief into the realm of body work- healing injuries and releasing emotional blocks. And he goes at the pace and the depth that is comfortable for each person.

I can't recommend him more highly!

Dina M.
Oakland, CA

I've been a massage therapist for over 23 years and I've received many massages over the years and Raul is the best massage therapist...hands down.

I am so impressed with his skill and intuitive nature. He knew exactly what areas needed attention and he was able to work very deep and yet I never once felt my muscles contract from inappropriate pressure. He works in a very slow manner allowing him to penetrate the deeper layers of muscle. I have chronic low back pain and had surgery many years ago and as a result I have a lot of scar tissue and the low back area and hips are in much need of deep work. For some reason most massage therapists are either afraid of working too deep in that area for fear of hurting me, or they just don't have the skill to know what to do. Raul was able to release much of the stored tightness and tension and the end result was more mobility and less pain. And finally, I need to tell you about the man, Raul. He is so sweet and kind and gentle. I instantly felt comfortable and safe with him.

Rachael H.
Oakland, CA

When Raul works on you he listens and then zeroes in on the places where you're holding tension. It's impossible to overstate how good he is at this. He then leans in and works the tension out of you, talking you through it. Within the first fifteen minutes of my session, we'd figured something out that had been tripping me up emotionally for about a month. Another wonderful thing is that during the massage, with his guidance, you are working with your body as much as he is. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Cindy P.
Alameda, CA

As massage therapist I am very picky and extremely hard to please. Raul is definitely by far the best massage therapist ever!!!!!!! His massage is different then any massage I have ever gotten. Raul has healing hands and he wks hard to get all the knots out, which I love! I like deep, deep tissue and the pressure was perfect. I highly recommend him! I wish I would have found him long time ago.

Susan Mullen
Oakland, CA

I have NEVER before received such intuitive, quality care from a therapist. I was a massage therapist for 15 yrs before becoming a Chiropractor. And I have received thousands of hours of massage therapy. I always feel renewed, revitalized and restored after my sessions with Raul. He is, by far, the BEST! Dr. Sue Mullen

Cynthia Boyd.
Chiropractor - Symmetry Spine & Wellness Center
Alameda, CA

Raul has a very unique technique. No boring massage school basics I must say. He has created a technique based on an impressive massage education, and his ability to tap in to amazing intuition. I had the pleasure of working with Raul at one time. I actually hired him to work on some of my patients. I am a chiropractor here in Alameda, and find massage to be very important complimentary treatment to chiropractic care. I have added Raul to my short list of recommended massage therapists. Body workers like Raul are hard to come by, and deserve special recognition.

Lyly P.
Emeryville, CA

Raul and I sat and talked about my life style, work, exercise regimen. I asked ignorant questions about his technique and entrusted myself to his proposed comprehensive method.

I've never had someone read my body so well.

Earlier while undressing, I cynically interpreted a sign that read, “GRATITUDE,” to mean, “don't forget to tip me. ” After, while putting my clothes back on, I reread the sign and it resonated different truths. It's a stance that Raul lives by. I can attest to that by the humble and honest way he approached his work on my body.

Elynne G.
Oakland, CA

I've been seeing Raul for over 2 years. He's the best!!!

A year ago I walked in to his office with a back issue. He took one look at me and said lets work on your feet, I was thinking crazy boy. (I forgot I hurt my foot two weeks before) I could not believe how much better I felt after he worked my feet. The universe has given him a gift.

Hollyce J.
Oakland, CA

I went to see Raul for a sprained ankle that was causing me to walk/lurch around awkwardly and thus, various other parts of my body started seizing up... my calf, quad, hip, rear, lower back, shoulders and neck!? To make matters worse, all this body tension had caused me to have a nasty headache for a week.

In one day, post massage a la Raul Castro, my headache is completely gone. While my ankle is still sprained (Raul is not a witch doctor) it feels more fluid and I'll be a bit more confident out on the trails with my dogs today. Couldn't be more grateful!

Eric V.
Alameda, CA

I've been to see Raul several times for issues ranging from mobility limiting muscle injuries to just needing to relax and unwind. I've never been disappointed, expect for when my time was up. He has an uncanny ability to listen to what your body needs when you may not be able to adequately express it yourself. I won't go anywhere else if I don't have to.