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Raul Castro Bodywork and Massage

You can begin to FEEL BETTER right NOW!


Simply knowing that you have an upcoming massage booked releases hormones and neurotransmitters that increase the feeling of well-being throughout your body!


Did you know that therapeutic massage has the natural ability to eliminate most or all of the discomforts in your body without the use of drugs or medications?

Most people live their lives talking or thinking themselves into pain. There are physical manifestations or energetic blockages in your body right now that are preventing you from feeling well.

They might come from an emotional response to a traumatic experience like an accident or a sudden change in life circumstance such as divorce or loss of a loved one.

They could also stem from fear, anger or countless other emotional altercations that cause stress on our minds and bodies.

The reality is that we react to these experiences on several different levels such as physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual. Our bodies react when we spend time replaying the story in our own minds or recounting the painful details to others.

We are creating deeper physical effects than we might even be aware of.

Many times people will have pain in their body for years and not even remember what may have caused it. These effects alter the way we move about in our daily lives. They change the way we stand, sit and sleep.In fact some people lose sleep due to some nagging pain that won't allow them to fully relax which in turn might cause frustration building even further pain down the line.Pain affects our daily lives and prohibits our bodies from functioning properly.Ultimately it could be robbing us of the happiness in life that we richly deserve!

With this knowledge you now have the choice to begin to live a healthier life that is on it's way to freedom from discomfort.

~Raúl Castro

Raul Castro Bodyworks

May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness;
May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering;
May all sentient beings never be separated from the happiness that knows no suffering;
May all sentient beings live in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.
~ Tibetan Prayer

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